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We’re not a large publishing company with a host of staff writers, editors, and technology gurus. If you want a one-stop-shop solution, and have several thousand dollars to spend getting your book into print, we’d be happy to make some recommendations–for free!

If you’re looking to “self-publish,” and have questions about how to proceed, please use the contact page on this Website to forward your correspondence.

Crown King Press™ was inspired by author and historian, Bruce M. Wilson, who wrote Crown King and the Southern Bradshaws: A Complete History. You’ll find his book listed for sale by clicking on the “Books” tab. Bruce worked for the Crown King Ranger District of the Prescott National Forest. He was so taken by the area and its inhabitants, he volunteered and developed a slide show he presented to district workers and interested local residents and guests. His presentations grew in popularity, as did the boxes of research papers and source documents he kept at his residence. Ever updating his “presentation,” he decided to write the book and then have it published. In so doing, countless hours, thousands of dollars, personal sacrifice, and sheer determination brought the book to life.

Bruce became ill, and passed away in early 1999. Then, the printing company holding the original manuscript and printing plates went silently out of business, leaving me, his widow, with the remaining inventory of unsold books to manage and market. In early 2011 the inventory was nearly depleted. Lessons learned from this experience exposed us to the “Print-on-Demand” industry, which keeps Bruce’s legacy alive and his book in print.


Jan Hanshaw
Crown King Press